I’m sick of being walked on.

I’m sick of being used.

I’m sick of being taken advantage of for my kindness.

I’m sick of being so close to something that feels like love and ends up becoming another lesson learned.

Sometimes I just want to give up…throw in the towel. Lay on my bed and wallow away into an ocean of my tears.

But somehow I keep going…

I Keep getting up…everyday and giving myself a second chance and not the people who have hurt me.

If I don’t get up…if I don’t take the initiative to start another day…no one else is going to for me.

I am the common denominator between all my broken relationships and all my pain.

It’s me…and I am the one who needs to put me back together.

I’m sick of coming up with excuses.

I’m sick of blaming other people for my sadness.

I’m sick of holding myself back.

I’m sick of not believing how wonderful I truly am.