In Another Life…

In another life, I would have been a dancer. I would have changed the world with my perfect pirouettes and emotional face.

In another life, I would have been a lover of surfboards and ocean tides. I would have spent every minute on the sea.

In another life, I would have been a taker of pictures. I would have shocked people with the images I captured from my lens.

I don’t have enough time to live three lifetimes in one. So in this lifetime, I have been given the words to express the others.

In this lifetime, I am able to craft the perfect sentences and phrases people need to hear.

In this lifetime I am a writer.

And maybe I don’t get to live out this life spending hours on the sea or taking a bow at a performance every night, but that doesn’t mean this lifetime is not important.

That doesn’t mean this lifetime is any less exciting than the others.

It just means that this lifetime is another part of me I need to focus on in order to help others and to help myself.

In another lifetime we could be anything. The possibilities extend as far as the stars.

But in this lifetime, we must focus on the cards we have been dealt and try to do the best we can with them.

We are around in this lifetime for a reason and it is our job to figure out that reason to the best of our abilities.

In another life…

I hope I remember how amazing this one was and all the great things that I did.



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