Giving Up and Self Doubt


We hear it all the time. If you want to reach your goals, if you want to make something of yourself, if you simply wish to just make it to the grocery store today…you can’t give up.

It’s hard sometimes…to keep picking yourself up. To keep seeing the positives. To keep moving forward. To keep on keeping on. You can’t give up though. That’s what they say.

I took a drive today. Sometimes you just need to listen to music and drive. I am lucky that I am able to put the keys in the ignition of a vehicle I call my own and take off where ever and whenever I want. There. That’s a positive. See! I’m staying positive. Im supposed to, right?

As I was driving, I was thinking. I was thinking about the goals I have as a writer. I was thinking about my day job and how much I hate it. I was thinking about all the people who don’t have to worry about the price of gas. I was thinking how lucky those people are. I was thinking how I want to be one of those people one day. One of those people who don’t have to worry about price tags. Those kind of people who don’t have to work a job they hate just to have enough money to fill up their tank.

I have to admit I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I was thinking of how I write so much but no one reads it. I was thinking about how badly I want to be able to write for a living and reach a large audience, but right now it seems impossible. But you can’t give up because that’s what they say! All those successful people. You can’t give up they say, as they drive away, sipping their coffee that if you asked them how much it was they wouldn’t be able to recall.

Im sure you have felt this feeling before. That feeling that creeps into the back of your mind. An unwanted guest, yet we are too scared to tell them leave.


It stops us from reaching our goals, big or small. It latches on like a leech and sucks the life right out of us. It diminishes our confidence and weakens our self-esteem.

That feeling you get when you want to give up. When you have fallen so many times…again and again. Picking yourself up with scrapes and bruises and having enough of it. Not wanting to go on because what is the point? I will never reach my goals. I will never pass the test. I will never make my parents proud. I will never become a teacher. I will never have enough money to buy a house. I will never lose the weight. I have tried so hard and I keep failing. I make little to no progress. I am worthless. I am a failure. I give up.

That is self doubt. It breaks into your mind and takes control. It tears everything apart and shows no mercy. But you can’t give up…and that is what I say. That is what I am telling you now.

Those times in your life when you feel like nothing is going right and everything is falling apart…those are the best times. Those are the times you get to rebuild yourself.

Nothing in life worth having is going to be easy to attain. You have to work for it. You have to pull yourself from the trenches and keep fighting. You have to believe that you are capable of anything. Think of how far you have come. Think of all the times you have fallen and gotten up. If you could do it then, you can make it a little further. When you feel like you are hitting rock bottom and when you feel like just completely giving up on everything you have worked so hard on, that means you are almost there. Just keep pushing a little further. The universe is testing you. It is seeing if you really deserve everything you desire. You do. You know you do.

So prove it. Keep going and as cliche as it sounds, I am telling you to never give up. I am one of those annoying, successful people now. Never give up! Self doubt is all your fears trying to stop you from changing and growing but you must grow and you must change. You are going to struggle and cry and fall but if you keep pushing…just a little further, think of all the amazing things that could come from it.

You are strong. You are smart. You are the superhero in your own story. Prove it.



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